ONE STOP IT SYSTEMS & NETWORK Remote Support Services

Service Scope
  • Server preventive maintenance

  • Network preventive maintenance

  • Firewall security inspection

  • Storage preventive maintenance

  • Application log inspection

  • OS upgrade & update

  • Vulnerability assessment

  • Data backup

We Specialise in Outsourced Remote IT Support Services

Our company provides cost-effective, outsourced, remote IT support services for small and medium-sized businesses having in-house servers, networking and IT infrastructure equipment. Our professional IT consultants use industry-proven secure remote control software to manage your IT equipment, prevent IT service interruptions, network and system outages, and more. Most importantly, we let your IT work reliably while you keep your business operating cost effectively.

If your business relies on IT services running on Microsoft Windows Servers, VMWare, UNIX, Linux, servers, network storage, firewall, routers, switches and WiFi, then you should maintain these equipment regularly in order to avoid costly downtime. However, we understand many small and medium-size companies cannot afford in-house professional IT staff.  Our company can fill the gap by offering various Service Plans to look after your servers and infrastructure equipment.

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