Remote IT Services FAQ

Do I need to login to the IT equipment when the preventive maintenance is carried out?

No. In most cases, our IT staff can complete the job without any client assistance.

How do you connect my IT equipment over the Internet?

We use a commercial remote support software called TeamViewer. It is a licensed software for out IT staff to connect your equipment over Internet securely.

I tried to use the chat function but no one responded to my chat?

Usually our staff is currently handling another chat session. Once the current session is ended, our staff will answer you as soon as possible.

What are your hours of operation?

We operate from 9am to 6pm using the Hong Kong (GMT+8) time zone.

How to download and install the remote control software TeamViewer?

TeamViewer 12 is our licensed remote support software. You can download a copy of TeamViewer Host 12 from the official website. Download Instructions:- 1. Login to your system as administrator 2. Open a browser and go to TeamViewer official website and look for Download TeamViewer 3. Choose See Previous versions and select Version 12.x 4. Download TeamViewer Host under your operating system of choice - Windows, macOS or Linux 5. Execute the installation file 6. Follow the instruction to complete the installation 7. Open TeamViewer Host and setup your password 8. Write down your TeamViewer ID and password 9. Repeat the instruction for every server

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